Why the Name Change
from "Living Haiku?"

Well... we didn't want to get sued!

As much as we love our original name, "Living Haiku," when we launched this adventure, we failed to realize the existence of an all-too-similarly named platform, The Living Haiku Anthology.

How embarrassing!

So, to avoid any confusion. misunderstanding, and ill will between us and another poetry-based organization, we simply decided to change our name to "575 Life." (We can't afford a lawyer, but domain names are really  cheap!)

There's good news in all of this. 

We think "575 Life" is kind of catchy, and it better reflects our true objective: to infuse mindfulness and creativity into everything we do, ultimately transforming our lives into a work of art.

We want to inspire you to do the same: We want you to live a "575 Life!"

We've already updated our logo and changed the handles of our Twitter and Instagram  accounts over to the new name. The name of our Facebook  page has been updated too. 

Thanks for your understanding and patience!
— JG